May Breakfast Talk: A Dying Waterfront Transformed with Joanne Witty

BWRC offered its final breakfast talk of the spring semester On May 19. The featured speaker was Joanne Witty, who discussed her recent book Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Dying Waterfront Transformed, co-authored by the late Henrik Krogius. A lawyer and environmentalist, Ms. Witty was directly involved in the creation and development of Brooklyn Bridge Park. Beginning in 2002, she served as director of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation, responsible for the park’s master plan, and as vice president of the current Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation. Her book documents the area’s transformation from a disused port facility to a thriving public park, involving the Port Authority, the Brooklyn Heights community, and several mayoral administrations.

Ms. Witty’s presentation traced the park’s history from the 1980s to the present, while illuminating competing priorities and complex negotiations in its journey from vision to reality. The talk touched on land use, economics and real estate, which generated a lively discussion about the costs and benefits of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The audience delved into current issues surrounding the Park, including residential development at Pier 6, a recent source of contention. Ms. Witty explained that financial sustainability has always been a cornerstone of the Brooklyn Bridge Park project and remains necessary for its future. In all, the talk highlighted important milestones in the history of Brooklyn Bridge Park, and a range of concerns that define this vital part of the Brooklyn waterfront

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