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White Papers

Published by the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center. 

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A Brooklyn Model for Preservation and Change

Brooklyn and the Bicycle

Housing Along the Brooklyn Waterfront

Past Projects

A number of past faculty and student projects at City Tech inspire the work of the Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center

Along the Shore

A faculty development program funded through the NEH’s Landmarks of History and Culture Workshops, brought 25 community college faculty from around the country to our campus to explore the changes and preservation efforts that have come to the landmarks along Brooklyn’s industrial waterfront during the summer of 2010.

Water and Work

An NEH- sponsored faculty development seminar conducted in 2008, broadened faculty understanding and engagement with the history and the ecology of downtown Brooklyn, the immediate environment of the college.

Brooklyn Greenwalk

In 2008, students and faculty at City Tech researched, designed, and led the Brooklyn Greenwalk. At each stop on the neighborhood walk, students presented their research on a specific aspect of sustainable technologies in the area, from the Con Edison Cogeneration Plant on Hudson Avenue to the LEED-certified art and performance space known as Galapagos. The Greenwalk was chronicled in a chapter in the book Making Teaching and Learning Matter: Transformative Spaces in Higher Education, by Summerfield, Judith, Springer, 2010.

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