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  1. I met Professor Scanlan at a DfRR event at AIA some time ago. I am the specialist in resiliency for NHS Brooklyn CDC.
    At a recent HUD training for Housing Disaster Counseling, the presenter said that ‘CUNY was doing a study on the impact of housing counseling in Sandy recovery.’
    That was all that he knew.

    Is this being done by your group? Do you know who else at CUNY might be working on such a study?

    Resiliency counseling, broadly defined, is a hot topic in NYC Community-based housing organizations, so many of us look forward to such a study.
    In fact, I will speak about this subject October 24th as part of the 2018 Affordable Homeownership Summit.
    The breakout session is: “New Directions for Housing Counseling: Adapting the Model to Emerging Needs”

    Any light you can throw on this research will be deeply appreciated.
    Best regards

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