We Have a Winner!

The BWRC took part in City of Water Day on July 16 on Governors Island. We sought the public’s input on important issues facing Brooklyn’s waterfront and offered a prize for the best suggestion. Nancy Cardozo of Brooklyn submitted the winning suggestion:

Preserve existing working waterfront, grow and encourage industries that will need, train and hire skilled and unskilled workers, balance with recreation and environment. Piece of cake! Floating pools!

She also had this to say:

Any place where water meets land fascinates me, and I find the way humans have modified that intersection of elements to meet their needs especially complicated and compelling.  I’m interested in restoration of screwed-up waterways, but  especially in noticing the ways that nature takes  back these post-industrial zones. 



Congratulations, Nancy! She and her guest will enjoy a Hidden Harbor boat tour of Newark Bay.