Past Events

Brooklyn Writers on the Waterfront (2011)

Coffee on the Brooklyn Waterfront (2012)

Climate Change, Sea Level Rise, and the Future of the Brooklyn Waterfront (2012)

Brooklyn's Waterfront Development (2013)

The Accidental Playground (2013)

NYC Rapid Repair - Skanska (2013)

PlusPool: A Floating Pool for Brooklyn (2014)

The Politics of a Sustainable Working Waterfront (2014)

Walking NYC's Waterfront Neighborhoods

Citizen Science Investigations on the Waterfront (2015)

Capturing Stormwater Runoff (2015)

Riding and Racing Bikes at Coney Island (2015)

The New Coney Island (2015)

Brooklyn's Urban Farms (2016)

The Brooklyn-Queens Connector (2016)

Gowanus: Brooklyn's Curious Canal (2016)

A Museum Comes to the Brooklyn Waterfront (2016)

"Shooting" the Brooklyn Waterfront (2017)

Brooklyn Bridge Park: A Dying Waterfront Transformed (2017)

Green Gentrification (2017)

Making Wine on the Brooklyn Waterfront (2017)

Art at the Water's Edge (2018)

Visions for Newtown Creek (2018)

Next Steps at the Brooklyn Navy Yard (2019)

Sunset Park Solar

Manufacturing Jobs (2019)

Shirley Chisholm: The Person and the Park (2019)