Upcoming Conference: Spring 2024

New York State has five offshore wind projects in development with the goal of generating 9,000 megawatts and meeting 50 percent of the state’s capacity by 2035. These projects will be engineering marvels, having profound effects on the state’s environment, economy, work force, and coastline communities.

In an all-day conference in spring 2024, BWRC will offer an overview of the wind power projects and then examine in detail the way in which these projects will affect the communities of the Brooklyn waterfront. One of the projects, for instance, will connect to New York’s electricity grid at the Gowanus Substation, and that project will also establish an operations and maintenance base in Sunset Park. But the effects will go beyond those two waterfront locations, and the conference’s various speakers will explore the benefits (and drawbacks?) of these massive projects on the neighborhoods along the Brooklyn waterfront.

Stay tuned for more details!