Conference recap!

Thanks to everyone who made this year's BWRC conference a success!

We are thrilled so many of you were able to join us last week for our first ~virtual~ conference! We’d like to especially thank our wonderful panelists for sharing their work and reflections with us.

As a follow up, and for those who couldn’t make it, we now have a recording of Friday’s sessions up on youtube and a recap of more information shared about and from all of the panelists below  we hope you can continue this important conversation, make connnections and keep in touch with each other!

As always, please feel free to get in touch with any questions and follow us on social media for all the BWRC updates. We hope to see you again next time!

You can find the recording and a recap of the conference below! 
See the conference program for more information.

Thursday Evening Roundtable Discussion:

Thank you to all of our speakers and learn more about them and their work below!

Reginald Blake
Jeannine Bardo
Klaus Jacob
Nathan Kensinger

Mary Mattingly was not able to make it, so you should especially make sure to check out her inspiring work

Also mark your calendars for the upcoming Columbia conference on Managed Retreat, where Nathan will be presenting with other Works on Water artists.

As a closing activity, Elisa Gutiérrez Eriksen provided an amazing virtual tour of the new exhibit, Common Frequencies, which is currently on view at BioBAT Art Space at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. See the recording of her tour and go check out the exhibit in person (by appointment!) as well as their upcoming events and programming!

Session 1: “Learning at the Intersections”

Focusing on educational initiatives along the Brooklyn Waterfront, this session featured community-based organizations that use innovative, interdisciplinary, and place-based approaches across the arts and sciences to better understand and address climate change.

Learn more about the participants and their work below:

Reminder: if you’d like access to a community science lab or to learn more, you can join as a member of Genspace, participate in their online classes or attend their online events!

Session 1: “Learning at the Intersections”

Bringing together artists working in relationship to science, technology, and the environment, this session highlighted the creative integration of artistic practice and scientific inquiry as a method of making visible and addressing the climate crisis in new ways.

Learn more about the participants and their work below:

Check out other shared links to learn more: The Genspace series on Art, Science, & Design: Collaborations for Climate Resiliency & Water Futures (recorded via Youtube), Art of Science / Science of Art: Working with Water in a Changing WorldUSI Artist Extension ServiceNATURE Lab at The Sanctuary for Independent MediaAfrotectopiaBlack Quantum FuturismWalking the Edge NYCWilliam Padilla Brown Interview with Abundance Zine (Brown has also talked about DIY science and starting a community science lab where he lives in Pennsylvania)

Mark your calendars for May 15th for the opening of Katherine’s new exhibit, Nature Contained, at the Old Stone House & Washington Park! Artists Jessica Dalrymple, K. Haskell and Suzy Kopf explore the cycles of life and death in the OSH garden and allude to issues like indigenous and sustainable planting practices as well as sustainable studio art practices. There will also be an outdoor creative market and public art exhibition the same day in partnership with Arts Gowanus.