Brooklyn and the Bicycle: Past, Present, and Future
by David V. Herlihy

David V. Herlihy is the author of Bicycle: The History (Yale University Press), winner of the 2004 Award for Excellence in the History of Science and The Lost Cyclist (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), the story of Frank Lenz’s ill-fated bicycle trip around the world in the 1890s, a Publishers Weekly 100 Best Books of 2010. His seminal work has greatly clarified the true origins of the bicycle. He is responsible for the naming of a bicycle path in Boston after Pierre Lallement, the original bicycle patentee, and for the installation of a plaque by the New Haven green where the Frenchman introduced Americans to the art of cycling in 1866. 

Commissioned for the 2013 BWRC conference “Biking Along the Brooklyn Waterfront”