The Waterfront: A Brooklyn Model for Preservation and Change
October 26, 2011 | Brooklyn Borough Hall

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Brooklyn Waterfront in the Age of Housing
Brooklyn Waterfront Zoning
Brooklyn Waterfront Neighborhoods

Archive of speakers’ presentations:

Welcoming Remarks
Jack S. Nyman, Director
The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute, Baruch College, CUNY
Richard E. Hanley, Director
Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center, NYC College of Technology, CUNY

The City’s Stake in the Waterfront
The Honorable Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President
Nicholas Brooke, Chairman, Hong Kong Harbourfront Commission (.pdf)
Purnima Kapur, Brooklyn Office Director, NYC Department of City Planning, Brooklyn Waterfront (.pdf)

Researchers’ Findings: Opportunities at Hand (.pdf of both papers)
Brooklyn’s Waterfront: Economic Base and Future Trends,” Jonathan Peters, Professor, The College of Staten Island, CUNY (.pdf)
Urban Waterfront Neighborhoods: Learnings from Brooklyn,”Sapna Advani, Research Fellow, Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center(.pdf)

Panel 1 – Innovation Perspectives
Moderator: Carter Craft, Principal, Outside New York and co-founder of the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
Ron Schweiger, Brooklyn Borough Historian, A Picture History of Coney Island (.pdf)
Andrew Kimball, President and CEO, Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn Navy Yard Industrial Park (.pdf)
Regina Myer, President, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation, Brooklyn Bridge Park (.pdf)

Panel 2 – Visioning the Future
Moderator: Roland Lewis, President and CEO, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
Michael Marrella, Director of Waterfront and Open Space Planning, NYC Department of City Planning, Vision2020: New York City’s Comprehensive Waterfront Plan (.pdf)
Bonnie Harken, President, Nautilus International Development Consulting, Southwest Brooklyn Waterfront Study (.pdf)
Robert A. Levine, President and CEO, RAL Companies

Environmental Remarks
Kenneth D. Daly, President, National Grid, New York, Historic issues impacting the Environment and National Grid’s Proactive Response (.pdf)

End Remarks
Seth Pinsky, President, NYC Economic Development Corporation

Jack S. Nyman, Director
The Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute, Baruch College, CUNY

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